A picnic is still a picnic !

A picnic is still a picnic

Alice Wragg

We have a family tradition - once a year in the summer our stepmother Edith packs a beautiful picnic for us to enjoy. Firstly, we have to pick a day when all the children are broken up from school and then there are usually a few false starts due to inclement weather! We always choose the same destination; underneath the shady canopy of an impressive ash tree, which stands on a hilltop overlooking Hidcote Bartrim. There are lovely views across the rolling Gloucestershire countryside to Broadway Tower and in the far distance the Malvern Hills.

The children love it because they see their cousins and there is plenty of space to run around in, nettles to fall into and dens to be built. They’re also thrilled by the idea of eating in the open air sitting on a blanket - an adventure in itself. The combination of Edith’s delicious selection of salads and sandwiches and the breathtaking views of the Cotswolds creates a truly idyllic event. That, and our only contribution is to provide the cake and biscuits from the bakery!

However, I’ve had some decidedly less scenic picnics with my girls when they were toddlers, but they were always excited to be eating their soggy cheese sandwiches out of doors. It’s this picnic enthusiasm I think we should all embrace. Whether it’s in the local park, on a blanket in the garden or the focus of a whole day out - a picnic is still a picnic. Have the cakes delivered from Meg Rivers for your picnic basket - that way you only have to make the cheese sandwiches!

Alice x

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