Our Hope & Joy collection has two main principles at its heart. To give JOY by delivering delicious cakes and carefully curated gifts for your enjoyment and HOPE by making a donation to a cancer charity with every gift purchase.

Hope & Joy reflects our own family journey. My mother, Joy, died from cancer when my three sisters and I were still children. After my mum’s death my father, Julian, gave up his career to care for us but after a while was asked by Meg Rivers to work part-time at her bakery. Sadly, just a few years later Meg too died of cancer and Dad was asked by her family to take on the business. With this history, it perhaps is no surprise that charitable partnerships have been part of the Meg Rivers story ever since.

Now as control of the business passes to me, my sisters and I want to continue the legacy. I am proud to say our bakery is flourishing. We still use traditional baking methods to create delicious handmade cakes for any occasion. Our customers are generous, caring people and we want to do all we can to help families affected by cancer, so we've made it our mission to raise £1million for cancer charities across the UK with our exclusive new gift box range. In our continued commitment to supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust we will donate at least 2% (annually) of total revenue across the business to the charity.

With a Hope & Joy delivery from Meg Rivers Artisan Bakery, not only will the recipient have received a thoughtful (and delicious) gift, but you’ll also have the knowledge that a worthwhile donation has been made. We hope to make sure "giving is a piece of cake” so if you’ve enjoyed your gift please help us spread a little Hope & Joy.


Jessica x
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