Meg Rivers Wedding Cakes are baked to our award-winning Rich English Fruit Cake recipe. Every cake is hand baked by our skilled crafts people. We use only the best ingredients, including local free-range eggs, delicious vine fruits and nuts, all marinated in finest French Brandy. After baking, the cakes are covered in premium quality, natural marzipan then finished with a layer of sugarpaste.

3 Tier Wedding Cakes

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Single Tier Wedding and Celebration Cakes

How can I save money with a DIY wedding cake?

The best thing about decorating your own wedding cake is the satisfaction of doing something for your special day yourself, or maybe as a calming activity with your best friend ahead of the big day. An added benefit is you’re bound to make a cost saving by doing some of that creative work yourself.

Whilst making your own wedding cake might not save you money (good quality ingredients come at a price) decorating it can do. Using flowers from your garden (check they’re safe first of course) or even heirloom inherited decorations will not only be personal to you and your partner but will leave you a few more pennies in the pot towards something else.

Let Meg Rivers make you a beautiful, and delicious, blank canvas so you can match your cake perfectly to your special day.

Prices for edible flower kits?? Dried flowers and petals are a wonderful way to add vintage style to your cake, we stock a selection of Pollys Petals, edible flowers which will make adding colour to your cake fun and easy. We’ll even pop in some edible glue so your decoration doesn’t flutter away! For more ideas on how to use edible flowers check out our blog post here

Decorate It Yourself - DIY Wedding Cakes

How big a cake do I need?

This all depends on the number of guests you’ll be feeding and indeed what you’ve already fed them! If your cake is to form part or all of the desert then a party slice is something to consider. However if your guests are just having a taste of your cake then a wedding finger is perfectly ample, especially with a rich fruit cake like ours. Our single portion Rose Bud Cakes make portioning easy - one per guest!

For a smaller gathering, and always popular as an anniversary cake our single tier options are worth considering. Supplied completely blank with a pretty gold ribbon, ready for your creativity to take over or with a delicate embossed heart design they’ll look as gorgeous as they taste.

  • 4" Top Tier 750g
  • 7" Bottom Tier 2kg (our two tier cake can be cut into approx 40 wedding finger portions)
  • 4" Top Tier 750g
  • 6" Middle Tier 1.7kg
  • 8" Bottom Tier 2.9kg

(our three tier cake can be cut into approx 70 wedding finger portions) Sponge top tiers are baked in the same size tins but are lighter due to the difference in ingredients.
For additional slices and variety many of our couples choose a complimentary sponge or two to have available for guests who may prefer an alternative to fruit cake. Whilst the wedding cake might be centre stage if you’ve more guests or want to accommodate different tastes why not give your guests the choice by adding a Chocolate Sprinkles, Ginger or Carrot cake as an option.

Is Sponge or fruit wedding cake best?

A tricky question indeed! There’s no denying that a fruit cake is the most traditional option where traditionally the top tier was saved for the couples first anniversary, a sponge would never last that long!

Sponge cake may have become more popular in recent years but there’s no doubt a rich English fruit cake covered in natural marzipan and soft ivory icing is still a crowd pleaser. And if you want to cater for non fruit cake lovers we have couples who choose a couple of different flavours of our standard cakes, chocolate with sprinkles is a hit for the chocolate lovers and carrot cake is always popular. Do bear in mind that whilst your fruit cake will have a minimum of 6 months shelf life from despatch it’s only 7 days for a non fruit supplimentary cake or the sponge tiers of our 3 Tier Sponge & Fruit wedding cake.

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